Everyone is invited to join us for our annual Fall Picnic will be held September 1, the Saturday of Labor Day weekend. Brenda and Jeff Dodson have graciously made their farm available for us again this year. Rain date for the picnic is Saturday, September 8. Sign up for the picnic on Sunday. Remember to account for family and friends who will be visiting. There is no charge for the picnic but donations to help fund the cost will be gratefully accepted.

Shuttle service at the farm will start at 3pm. Dinner will be ready at 5:00pm. Conversation, laughter, sunshine, and fellowship will be in full swing before, during, and after the dinner. Call Liz, 615.587.5102 or Russ, 615.587.5095 if you have questions or want to volunteer to help.

Liz and Russ for
Congregational Life and Care CORE Ministry


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