The mission of the Pleasant Hill Community Church Library is “to assist and support the activities, programs, and interests of church members by providing materials and information related to the work of the church and Christian life.” The Library is open to members of church, the Pleasant Hill community, and any others who may be interested in its materials.

Don Dowdey leads the Library Action Team, whose members include Leslie Gulick, Jan Rosemergy, and Mary Schantz. We all welcome your questions and suggestions. The Team is part of the Congregational Life and Care Core Ministry.

Users are welcome to visit the Library at any time that the church building is open. Books may be borrowed for up to 4 weeks. In addition to your name, please include date (month/day/year) on the check-out card.

Some subjects of special interest in the PHCC Library include: aging, Bibles and commentaries, Bible study, selected biography, church history, ecology, selected fiction, health care, interfaith work, local history and authors, missions, spiritual life, theology.

Offers of new or used books will be evaluated by the Library Team to determine if the books meet the criteria for addition to the collection; if not, books are donated to the Blue Barn for its periodic book sale. Inclusion criteria include: currently useful (i.e., not outdated by more recent research), good physical condition, and appropriate for the collection.

The Pleasant Hill Community Church budget includes $300 annually to purchase new books. Recently purchased books are found on the table-top small bookcase.

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