In PHCC’s Constitution and Bylaws, adopted December 2017, PHCC activities were organized into five Core Ministries (named below). Each is led by a Core Minister or Co-Core Ministers, and each Core Ministry may include Program Areas, with Coordinators, and Action Teams.


Elected by the Congregation

Jan Rosemergy, Moderator

Clarice Mitchell, Vice Moderator

Mary Lou Matteson, Clerk

Larry Burch, Treasurer

Worship and Spiritual Development

  • Worship Team
  • Liturgists Action Team
  • Ushers/Greeters Action Team
  • Visual Arts Action Team
  • Holy Communion Action Team
  • Acolytes Action Team
  • Audio-Visual Action Team
  • Spiritual Development Action Team
  • Emergency Response Action Team

Mark Canfield, Core Minister for Worship and Spiritual Development

Congregational Life and Care

  • Congregation Life Program
  • Pastor-on Call Program
  • Congregational Care Program
  • Communication Program
  • Hospitality Program

Jim & Margaret Mason, Core Ministers for Congregational Life and Care

Justice and Mission

  • Radical Welcome Team
  • Local Missions Team
  • Global Missions Team

Sue Peeples, Co-Minister for Justice and Mission

Physical Resources

  • Stewardship of Our Physical Resources Team
  • Community House Hosting Team

Dick Betts, Core Minister for Physical Resources

Financial Stewardship

  • Budget Development Team
  • Stewardship and Interpretation Team
  • Mortgage Reduction Team
  • Insurance Management Team
  • Investments, Planned Giving & Endowments Management Team
  • Audit Action Team

Doug Borko, Core Minister for Financial Stewardship

Pastoral Relations Team

Char Burch
Sam Hahn
Jim Mason
Doug Schurr
Sharon Weible

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