Volunteers Needed at the The Grab

Volunteers needed at the The Grab.  The Grab is an ongoing Pleasant Hill Community Church mission project that falls under the Church’s Justice and Mission Core Ministry. Local Pleasant Hill Resident Donna Iles was hired several years ago to manage The Grab.  The Grab has an Action Team which meets at The Grab the first Tuesday of every month beginning at 8:00am.

The goal of the Action Team is to fill some current volunteer vacancies with Pleasant Hill Community Church members as well as local Pleasant Hill residents.  Both the Action Team and the Grab volunteers are vital in keeping The Grab well-organized and appealing,

Several Pleasant Hill Community Church members along with many very dedicated community people currently volunteer, but more volunteers are needed. Volunteers are needed to work both outside the building to help sort through and clear what’s left during non-business hours, and inside to sort and tag clothing to be sold.  In addition all materials are sorted with items not acceptable for sale to be sorted for distribution to other donation facilities.

You can volunteer as little as two to three hours, one morning a month. The more volunteers, the better – as the saying goes, “Many hands make light work.” If you have time to spare to help this Pleasant Hill Community Church mission project by volunteering with the Action Team, or with helping to sort and organize donations, please contact Carolyn Morris at cmcmorris428@gmail.com, or 262-949-6699.

The Grabs a non-profit mission outreach of the Pleasant Hill Community Church, United Church of Christ. Pleasant Hill Community Church pays the salary of the manager and any expenses not covered by the store’s income. The Grab has contributed items to at least 25 local organizations and individuals, and pledges that no-one in need is turned away. Call 262-949-6699 to volunteer your time or make a financial donation to The Grab.

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