Art Show in Pleasant Hill Tennessee

You’re invited to attend a very special wine & cheese reception for seven very talented artists here in Pleasant Hill TN.  Each artist is working in a different medium and the show provides an opportunity for you to see their amazing artistic creations.  This really big show is planned for Saturday, July 16 from 4:00 – 7:00 pm and Sunday July 17 from 12 noon to  2:00 pm,

Artists include quilter Sharon Borko, Appalachian pine needle weaver Sharron Eckert, folk artist Wayne Edwards, potter Barbara Everett, photographer Charity Baker and painter Shoshanna Cooper. Our seventh artist is Polly Page, a renowned Pleasant Hill wood carver who recently passed away at the age of 101. Her work is shown in many museums nationally and internationally, including in the Pioneer Hall Museum in Pleasant Hill. One of her last remaining carvings  will be on display and included for sale at this show.

The show is being held in the stone house on 128 Church Drive, at the corner of Church Drive and  Grandview Avenue (directly across from the PHCC Boyce Hall Portico). In addition to the beautiful  artwork, this is a chance for you to see the attractively refurbished interior of the second home renovated by the Heritage Investment Restoration Group, a group of Uplands residents who banded together to upgrade existing Uplands homes to encourage others to enjoy this remarkable community.

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