Dive into your new Red, White and Blue Swimsuit

Are you ready for July 4th?  The Fourth of July is the most patriotic and enthusiastically celebrated of all America’s holidays. There will be parades, barbeques, picnics and fireworks throughout the county.  Do you have the right Fourth of July Swimsuits for your day at the pool?

How about this red, white and blue swimsuit?  Just one of the many swimsuits ready for you at the Grab,.  That’s right claim your independence from the big box stores with their high prices.  Come on out to the Grab.

The Grab is a non-profit mission outreach of the Pleasant Hill Community Church, United Church of Christ. Pleasant Hill Community Church pays the salary of the manager and any expenses not covered by the store’s income. The Grab has contributed items to at least 25 local organizations and individuals, and pledges that no-one in need is turned away. Call 931-287-3018 to volunteer your time or make a financial donation to The Grab.

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