Getting dirty in the garden? Then its time for some new old jeans

Gardening time is finally here. Why go out and pay $40.00 for a pair of jeans, just to get them dirty and grass stained. That does not make any sense. What makes sense is going to your local thrift store and picking up 5 pairs for what that $40.00 pair. But it is not just jeans. How about that long sleeve shirt, for when you are out in the hot sun. Not only does the long-sleeves protect you from he sun, but also all the bugs we encounter gardening. The Thrift Shop that has the widest selection at the best price is the Grab in Pleasant Hill, TN. Take a look at some of the great gardening outfit builders we have available.

The Grab is at 9547 Sparta Rd., Pleasant Hill and is open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9AM to 3PM and Saturdays from 9AM to 1PM.  The Grab is a non-profit mission outreach of the Pleasant Hill Community Church, United Church of Christ. Pleasant Hill Community Church pays the salary of the manager and any expenses not covered by the store’s income. The Grab has contributed items to at least 25 local organizations and individuals, and pledges that no-one in need is turned away. Call 931-287-3018 to volunteer your time or make a financial donation to The Grab.

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